First, we are open and plan to remain open.  We do not anticpate having to close in light of this horrible pandemic.  However, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are making a few changes to ensure the safety of our guests, cleaners (and us).  Plus we are offering options for those with existing reservations.

For guests with existing reservations:

  1. Your deposit can be fully applied towards a new stay with us.  While this is our standard policy, we are also amending this to waive any seasonal rate differences of rescheduled reservations.  So if you originally booked in the low season and reschedule your stay during the high season, your original balance will remain the same.
  2. If you have paid your reservation in full and need to reschedule your booking, we will move your reservation to the new date AND add an extra night at no charge.  Even if you are moving to a higher seasonal rate, we are waiving the difference.  
  3. As with any reservation, dates are always subject to availability.  However, please continue below for details on availability restrictions.

Availability restrictions for new and existing guests:

  1. In order to maintain a safe environment for our guests, cleaners and us, we are no longer allowing back to back reservations for the foreseeable future.  This is when incoming guests are arriving on the same day as departing guests.  Currently we do not have any reservations that fit this criterion so all existing reservations are safe.
  2. Unfortunately, this is a manual process for new reservations, so please bear with us if we must decline your requested dates.  Our online calendar is always up to date.  When checking for available dates, please make sure there is an available day (green square) before AND after your requested dates.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 360-447-8473 or  We appreceiate everyone's support and look forward to continuing to provide comfortable accommodation in Port Gamble.

CDC Updates:

Doug & Patrick
Innkeepers, Port Gamble Guest Houses LLC